At the dentist

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Photo: “Dentist + Barber” by JD Hancock, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

The dreaded day has come.  E bear’s teeth, which already showed some decay, is causing him pain, so much so that he woke up one night crying.  We gave him a dose of Paracetamol.  Thankfully, it relieved the pain so he was able to go back to sleep.  But the pain was back when he woke up in the morning.  We knew that it was time to do something about the teeth. READ MORE


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“Daddy, hug me!”

E Bear always wants Papa Bear to hug him whenever we are getting ready for sleep.  One day…

Papa Bear:  E, why do you always want Papa to hug you when you want to sleep?

E Bear:  Para hindi ako mag-roll!  Like this oh –*proceeds to demonstrate rolling around in bed*.  (So I won’t roll around in bed!)

And I was expecting a sweet answer!


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I always thought that less than 2 years old is too young to go to school.

E Bear went to school past 2 years old, and we enrolled him early because we felt that he needed to be with peers in order to speed up his speech development.  He didn’t go to Gymboree.  He only went to The Little Gym once, in a party.  But after looking at the rates and locations of both The Little Gym and Gymboree, we decided that the school inside our village was more practical for us.

But now, Papa Bear and Mama Bear are both holding clinic in Shangrila Mall.  There’s a Gymboree there.  We still think that the fees are on the steep side, but we came across this deal and Mama Bear just couldn’t resist.

R Bear went to Gymboree about 2 times for the gymplay.  Papa Bear had clinic and other errands, so he dropped R Bear for her to play while he goes about his duties.  Last Saturday, Mama Bear finally brought R Bear to Gymboree for the first of her 4 classes under the deal.

It wasn’t too smooth.  R Bear was very excited upon entering the place because she thought that she would be able to play again like last time.  But then we brought her to the classroom.  She wailed and wanted to get out.  But when the teacher brought out coloring sheets and crayons, she was able to sit still for a while.  Mama Bear stayed with her the whole time.

Mama Bear thinks it was pretty well done of her, considering it was her first time in a classroom setting and she’s not quite 2 yet.

Mama Bear brought her back later in the afternoon for the freeplay.  She was happier this time.

E Bear was outside the whole time, saying he wants to watch his little sister :).

Hoping there would be less crying and more learning in the next sessions!

Talking little bear

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R Bear has this little “song” when she wants to breasfeed (yes, she’s almost 2!  I wanted her to self wean but so far there’s no sign yet).

“Dede na, mmm mmm mmm”  in a singsong voice.

That has led other members of the Bear family to ask for the same things in the same manner.

So when E Bear wants me to turn on the A/C, he goes “aircon na, mmm mmm mmm”.


R bear now has the following words in her vocabulary.  This is NOT in chronological order, meaning, not in order of appearance.  And it’s from memory.  I know there are some other words that she knows, but at the moment, these are what I remember. READ MORE

On Shobe

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I was kidding E Bear last night about “throwing Shobe (little sister) away”.  Our conversation went like this:

Mama Bear:  E, throw na natin Shobe sa trash can.  (Let’s throw Shobe in the trash can.)

E Bear: Nooooo

Mama Bear:  Why?

E Bear:  Because Shobe is not tissue!


Well I was pretty persistent, so I continued with the thread:

Mama Bear:  Let’s let Shobe sleep with Tata downstairs nalang.  (Tata is our dog.  She sleeps in our garage)

E Bear:  Noooo, I like Shobe here with us.

Mama Bear:  Why?

E Bear:  (changes topic, asks something about the TV show)

At this point, Papa Bear came in

Papa Bear:  Do you love Shobe?

E Bear:  YES!!!  (Emphatic and definite!)

E Bear may have difficulty expressing himself, but there is no doubt in our minds that he definitely loves his baby sister.


Meanwhile, R Bear is starting to talk up a storm.  The other night, she started saying Good night, Mommy; Good night, Daddy and Good night, Ahia.  :)

Papa Bear and Mama Bear were sick

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Most of the time, we’ve been talking about the baby bears getting sick.  They seemed to be getting sick quite a few times during the past few months.  But this week, it’s not about the Baby bears.  This time, it’s Papa Bear and Mama Bear who got sick.  Sick with some unnamed virus causing fever, chills, body pains and tummy pain.  The Baby Bears had to be with their Grandma Panda (Mama Bear’s mom) because Papa Bear and Mama Bear were afraid they might catch the illness. READ MORE


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With all the dramas that have occurred the past few months — changing of the yayas, the Baby bears always getting sick, Tagaytay trip and all….I haven’t blogged about them at all!  My bad!  I haven’t been to my dashboard in so long that I’ve got lots of spam!

Well, will try to be back in the groove soon!

Baby bears get vaccinated

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My little bears got vaccinated last Saturday.

Days before the scheduled vaccination, Papa Bear already started priming Big Brother Bear.  This was their conversation:

Papa Bear:  E, you and shobe are going with us to the clinic.  You are having injections.

pause, then

E Bear:  Ouchie ba?

Papa Bear:  Not really.  A little bit.  Like the bite of an ant.


When I asked Big Brother (E) Bear, he said that it’s not ouchie, it feels like the sting of a mosquito.  I’m thinking that he probably psyched himself up.  I was a bit worried that he might find it more painful than how Papa Bear described it.

The big day came.  I decided to let Big Brother Bear go first.  It was just me, the pedia and E.

He didn’t cry.  He even looked at the syringe while the vaccine was being administered.

I was so proud of him :).

As for the Little Sister Bear, she cried, but only for about 5 seconds.  I think she just cried because we immobilized her, rather than because of any real pain.

Very proud of my little bears :).

The Bears on Valentine’s Day

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As I have stated in this post, I did not expect anything special on Valentine’s Day.  In fact, I was asked several times by different people about our plans for that day and I said no, we’re not going anywhere special or doing anything out of the ordinary.

But Papa Bear surprised me with this when he got home:

I was thrilled!  :)  Kilig!  Grabe, ambabaw ko!

Then, since both my kid bears are well enough, they got to enjoy a bit of fun in our room.  E Bear bugged Papa Bear to play Just the Way You are.  It was the kid bears’ fave song of the moment.

While the strains of Bruno Mars’ voice filled the room from Papa Bear’s cellphone, my little Baby R Bear started dancing and my big E Bear sang along and “played” an imaginary piano on top of the personal ref.  It was so fun, I tell you!  It’s not easy trying to explain how fun it is, but suffice it to say that we do not regret not having a special just-the-two-of-us dinner and date.  With a front seat performance by 2 of our fave performers, flowers, chocolates…What more could a Mama Bear ask for?

Nothing.  It was perfect.

I love my family. :)

Tonight is Chinese New Year’s Eve

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…and this year our family is holding the celebration HERE, in my mom’s house.

We’ll have the usual good food, the kids will get their ang paos, and we’ll all grow a year older, according to the Chinese way.

Tomorrow will officially be the start of the Year of the Rabbit.  I’ve read up on it, and while I generally am not a superstitious person, I like the fact that most predictions this year are positive.  It does not hurt to stay optimistic about the days ahead.

Too bad tomorrow is not a Holiday though, I sure could use the rest.  Oh well, the Philippine presidents don’t think that Chinese New Year is anything special anyway, except maybe for the tikoy they get.