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Baby Bear Standing!

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For a few seconds at a time, anyway ūüėÄ

Girl Bear just got more courageous about letting go of whatever she’s holding on to at the moment.

Moments like this, Papa Bear and I just try to savor the moment, as we know that her days of babyhood are definitely numbered.

Pretty soon, she’ll be walking on her own.¬† I’m excited and sad at the same time.

Where Is?

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Mama Bear:  E, you want to watch Madagascar?

Kuya Bear: ¬†Where’s Madagascar?

Papa Bear:  On the other side of the world.

Kuya Bear: ¬†Where’s the world?

Papa Bear:  In the solar system.

Kuya Bear: ¬†Where’s the solar system?

Mama Bear:  In the Milky way

Kuya Bear: ¬†Where’s the Milky Way?

Papa Bear:  In the Universe.

Kuya Bear: ¬†Where’s the Universe?

Papa Bear:  In the Hand of God.

Kuya Bear:  Where is God?

Papa Bear:  In Heaven.

Kuya Bear:  Where is Heaven?

Papa Bear: ¬†Only God knows… Halika na nga!