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Cheescake and carrot cake

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I few months ago, I saw this recipe for baked cheesecake.  I’ve always wanted to try my hand in baking but I do need an easy recipe.  Easy but delicious, that is.  This definitely did not disappoint.  I already baked this three times!  Let me look for the picture of the cake and I’ll post it when I find it. :)

This looks like an easy enough carrot cake recipe for me to follow.  Hmmm, will try it out!

Kuya loves baby

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Teacher:  E, if you don’t do _______, I’ll bring Shobe home.

Kuya Bear:  Noooo……Shobe goes home with us because we love her.


Waving bye bye

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Just had to post this before I forget.

Shobe Bear suddenly started waving bye bye this month.  Or was it late last month?  I’m not very sure about the exact date, but she’s doing it like a pro! :)