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Family Day

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We all trooped to LSGH gymnasium for E’s family day. This is the first time that E will be having his family day in big school, and we were told that he’d have one every year. We were all so proud of E when he, together, with his classmates danced to the tune of “People in your neighborhood” and “Baby” by Justin Bieber :D.

Incidentally, each class had a color and a hat representing a profession. E’s class color was orange and they all wore fireman hats. I also loved the other hats — there were “future” chefs, doctors, soldiers and uhhh, sorry forgot what the other class wore (toinks!)

There were also games where Daddies and Mommies had to participate, and games when the boys would participate. Unfortunately, E’s class did not win. But hey, that’s great too! After all, they had to learn about sportsmanship too!

There was also a raffle, which we did not win. But then, with the numerous sponsors, everyone got a special prize anyway. And the loot bags (not one, but 2!) were huge!

Baby says bye bye

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My 16 month old Baby Bear has been saying and waving bye-bye on cue since she was 10 months old.  But today, this is the first time she did it without any cuing on our part.  Her daddy was leaving for work, so I was telling her to kiss daddy.  She turned to Daddy and said “Bye bye, da” while waving.


Bears in Halloween costume

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Before Papa Bear and Mama Bear became parents, we really didn’t care much for costumes.  I mean, yeah, kids look cute, that’s it.  But we do not find anything special about Trick or Treating and the like.

Of course, that all changed when the Baby Bears came along.  Suddenly, the Halloween event at our village became a much awaited event!

Let’s see…

For Trick or Treat 2006, Kuya Bear was “Kobe Brant” swallowed by a shark…

2007, he was “Bob the Builder”.

2008, he was an angel.

2009, he was a vampire and Shobe Bear was a baby angel.

2010, Kuya Bear was Gus the Cat while Shobe Bear was Minnie Mouse.

There are back stories to why we chose those costumes which I might tackle in later posts, if I get the time (when, oh, when?)  Hope I can get to post some pics too!