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Papa Bear and Mama Bear were sick

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Most of the time, we’ve been talking about the baby bears getting sick.  They seemed to be getting sick quite a few times during the past few months.  But this week, it’s not about the Baby bears.  This time, it’s Papa Bear and Mama Bear who got sick.  Sick with some unnamed virus causing fever, chills, body pains and tummy pain.  The Baby Bears had to be with their Grandma Panda (Mama Bear’s mom) because Papa Bear and Mama Bear were afraid they might catch the illness. READ MORE


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With all the dramas that have occurred the past few months — changing of the yayas, the Baby bears always getting sick, Tagaytay trip and all….I haven’t blogged about them at all!  My bad!  I haven’t been to my dashboard in so long that I’ve got lots of spam!

Well, will try to be back in the groove soon!