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The Bears on Valentine’s Day

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As I have stated in this post, I did not expect anything special on Valentine’s Day.  In fact, I was asked several times by different people about our plans for that day and I said no, we’re not going anywhere special or doing anything out of the ordinary.

But Papa Bear surprised me with this when he got home:

I was thrilled!  :)  Kilig!  Grabe, ambabaw ko!

Then, since both my kid bears are well enough, they got to enjoy a bit of fun in our room.  E Bear bugged Papa Bear to play Just the Way You are.  It was the kid bears’ fave song of the moment.

While the strains of Bruno Mars’ voice filled the room from Papa Bear’s cellphone, my little Baby R Bear started dancing and my big E Bear sang along and “played” an imaginary piano on top of the personal ref.  It was so fun, I tell you!  It’s not easy trying to explain how fun it is, but suffice it to say that we do not regret not having a special just-the-two-of-us dinner and date.  With a front seat performance by 2 of our fave performers, flowers, chocolates…What more could a Mama Bear ask for?

Nothing.  It was perfect.

I love my family. :)

Tonight is Chinese New Year’s Eve

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…and this year our family is holding the celebration HERE, in my mom’s house.

We’ll have the usual good food, the kids will get their ang paos, and we’ll all grow a year older, according to the Chinese way.

Tomorrow will officially be the start of the Year of the Rabbit.  I’ve read up on it, and while I generally am not a superstitious person, I like the fact that most predictions this year are positive.  It does not hurt to stay optimistic about the days ahead.

Too bad tomorrow is not a Holiday though, I sure could use the rest.  Oh well, the Philippine presidents don’t think that Chinese New Year is anything special anyway, except maybe for the tikoy they get.

Bears in Halloween costume

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Before Papa Bear and Mama Bear became parents, we really didn’t care much for costumes.  I mean, yeah, kids look cute, that’s it.  But we do not find anything special about Trick or Treating and the like.

Of course, that all changed when the Baby Bears came along.  Suddenly, the Halloween event at our village became a much awaited event!

Let’s see…

For Trick or Treat 2006, Kuya Bear was “Kobe Brant” swallowed by a shark…

2007, he was “Bob the Builder”.

2008, he was an angel.

2009, he was a vampire and Shobe Bear was a baby angel.

2010, Kuya Bear was Gus the Cat while Shobe Bear was Minnie Mouse.

There are back stories to why we chose those costumes which I might tackle in later posts, if I get the time (when, oh, when?)  Hope I can get to post some pics too!

Papa and mama bear’s wedding suppliers

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It’s been almost 6 years (how time flies!) since Papa Bear and Mama Bear tied the knot, but the memory of that very special day still lingers.

Here are our suppliers.  I will blog about more details later.

Church:  National Shrine of the Divine Child (La Salle Greenhills Chapel)

Reception:  Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant

Preps Venue:  Bride’s home

Photos/Videos:  Jervy Santiago

Bridal and Entourage Gowns:  Catalina’s

Makeup:  Brenda Belgica

Wedding cake:  Alex Franco

Sound System:  Sound Syndrome

Invitations:  Craft Master

Flowers:  Angelic Blooms

OTD Coordinator:  Out of the Box

Post nup hotel:  EDSA ShangriLa

Will post contact details and some pictures later 😀

Red day

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Mama Bear’s grandmother celebrated 90 years of life!

Since this is a milestone birthday, my uncles and aunts (my dad has passed away years ago) went all out so Ama could have a grand celebration.

Relatives from all over the world came over.  It was a grand reunion too, since some of our relatives live very far away and we don’t really get to see much of each other.

As with a traditional Chinese wedding, all of us were in red.  It was elegant in an understated way.  Not loud like most Chinese celebrations.  Just right for my Ama.

First birthday of my Baby Bear!

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Finally, my little girl turns one!

We just had a simple celebration on her actual birthday.  It was a weekday so we just celebrated at home with a small cake and ordered food from Mr Sun Moon.

Her McDo celebration came on Sunday morning.  It just happened to be Father’s Day. The theme was Mulan because I wanted a kick ass female character and since she’s very Chinese looking (dapat lang), Mulan it is!

Since it was just a simple celebration, we only had a few suppliers.

Here they are:

  • McDonald”s Greenhills
  • Gateau de Manille
  • Vente, Edeng’s — Market Market
  • Brussel Sprouts

Will post more details and some pics soon!

(this is a late posting)

Papa Bear’s surprise birthday celebration

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For Papa Bear’s ___th birthday celebration, I decided to make the celebration a little more special.  His birthday just happened to fall on a Saturday, and he’ll be coming home from clinic quite late.  Perfect for planning a surprise party.

It was only a small celebration.  I told my in-laws to come over for dinner and reminded them that it’s supposed to be a surprise.  There are only 13 of us in the actual party, not counting the yayas and the helpers.

I ordered food from Conti’s, Jollibee and Mr. Sun Moon (my memory is not so fresh anymore since this is a late posting :P,  I’ll post more details when I remember them.)

The surprise didn’t turn out the way I hoped for.  Papa Bear came home a bit earlier than I expected.  And my brother-in-law’s Innova was parked in front, which was pretty obvious to him.  But he did say that he was surprised, nonetheless, coz he was not expecting a celebration.

Happy birthday, Papa Bear!