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At the dentist

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Photo: “Dentist + Barber” by JD Hancock, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

The dreaded day has come.  E bear’s teeth, which already showed some decay, is causing him pain, so much so that he woke up one night crying.  We gave him a dose of Paracetamol.  Thankfully, it relieved the pain so he was able to go back to sleep.  But the pain was back when he woke up in the morning.  We knew that it was time to do something about the teeth. READ MORE


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“Daddy, hug me!”

E Bear always wants Papa Bear to hug him whenever we are getting ready for sleep.  One day…

Papa Bear:  E, why do you always want Papa to hug you when you want to sleep?

E Bear:  Para hindi ako mag-roll!  Like this oh –*proceeds to demonstrate rolling around in bed*.  (So I won’t roll around in bed!)

And I was expecting a sweet answer!

On Shobe

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I was kidding E Bear last night about “throwing Shobe (little sister) away”.  Our conversation went like this:

Mama Bear:  E, throw na natin Shobe sa trash can.  (Let’s throw Shobe in the trash can.)

E Bear: Nooooo

Mama Bear:  Why?

E Bear:  Because Shobe is not tissue!


Well I was pretty persistent, so I continued with the thread:

Mama Bear:  Let’s let Shobe sleep with Tata downstairs nalang.  (Tata is our dog.  She sleeps in our garage)

E Bear:  Noooo, I like Shobe here with us.

Mama Bear:  Why?

E Bear:  (changes topic, asks something about the TV show)

At this point, Papa Bear came in

Papa Bear:  Do you love Shobe?

E Bear:  YES!!!  (Emphatic and definite!)

E Bear may have difficulty expressing himself, but there is no doubt in our minds that he definitely loves his baby sister.


Meanwhile, R Bear is starting to talk up a storm.  The other night, she started saying Good night, Mommy; Good night, Daddy and Good night, Ahia.  :)

Baby bears get vaccinated

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My little bears got vaccinated last Saturday.

Days before the scheduled vaccination, Papa Bear already started priming Big Brother Bear.  This was their conversation:

Papa Bear:  E, you and shobe are going with us to the clinic.  You are having injections.

pause, then

E Bear:  Ouchie ba?

Papa Bear:  Not really.  A little bit.  Like the bite of an ant.


When I asked Big Brother (E) Bear, he said that it’s not ouchie, it feels like the sting of a mosquito.  I’m thinking that he probably psyched himself up.  I was a bit worried that he might find it more painful than how Papa Bear described it.

The big day came.  I decided to let Big Brother Bear go first.  It was just me, the pedia and E.

He didn’t cry.  He even looked at the syringe while the vaccine was being administered.

I was so proud of him :).

As for the Little Sister Bear, she cried, but only for about 5 seconds.  I think she just cried because we immobilized her, rather than because of any real pain.

Very proud of my little bears :).

The Bears on Valentine’s Day

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As I have stated in this post, I did not expect anything special on Valentine’s Day.  In fact, I was asked several times by different people about our plans for that day and I said no, we’re not going anywhere special or doing anything out of the ordinary.

But Papa Bear surprised me with this when he got home:

I was thrilled!  :)  Kilig!  Grabe, ambabaw ko!

Then, since both my kid bears are well enough, they got to enjoy a bit of fun in our room.  E Bear bugged Papa Bear to play Just the Way You are.  It was the kid bears’ fave song of the moment.

While the strains of Bruno Mars’ voice filled the room from Papa Bear’s cellphone, my little Baby R Bear started dancing and my big E Bear sang along and “played” an imaginary piano on top of the personal ref.  It was so fun, I tell you!  It’s not easy trying to explain how fun it is, but suffice it to say that we do not regret not having a special just-the-two-of-us dinner and date.  With a front seat performance by 2 of our fave performers, flowers, chocolates…What more could a Mama Bear ask for?

Nothing.  It was perfect.

I love my family. :)

When E got sick…

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E:  Mammy sleep in other room.

Mama Bear:  (hurt) Why?  You don’t want to sleep with Mommy?

E:  Daddy lang.  Mommy has to take care of Shobe.

Mama Bear:  Where will Shobe sleep?

E:  In ama‘s (grandma) room, because I have fever.  Baka I might cough on Shobe.

Mama Bear:  Eh, paano if you’re well na?

E:  Shobe and Mommy sleep here with Daddy and me.


Family Day

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We all trooped to LSGH gymnasium for E’s family day. This is the first time that E will be having his family day in big school, and we were told that he’d have one every year. We were all so proud of E when he, together, with his classmates danced to the tune of “People in your neighborhood” and “Baby” by Justin Bieber :D.

Incidentally, each class had a color and a hat representing a profession. E’s class color was orange and they all wore fireman hats. I also loved the other hats — there were “future” chefs, doctors, soldiers and uhhh, sorry forgot what the other class wore (toinks!)

There were also games where Daddies and Mommies had to participate, and games when the boys would participate. Unfortunately, E’s class did not win. But hey, that’s great too! After all, they had to learn about sportsmanship too!

There was also a raffle, which we did not win. But then, with the numerous sponsors, everyone got a special prize anyway. And the loot bags (not one, but 2!) were huge!

Bears in Halloween costume

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Before Papa Bear and Mama Bear became parents, we really didn’t care much for costumes.  I mean, yeah, kids look cute, that’s it.  But we do not find anything special about Trick or Treating and the like.

Of course, that all changed when the Baby Bears came along.  Suddenly, the Halloween event at our village became a much awaited event!

Let’s see…

For Trick or Treat 2006, Kuya Bear was “Kobe Brant” swallowed by a shark…

2007, he was “Bob the Builder”.

2008, he was an angel.

2009, he was a vampire and Shobe Bear was a baby angel.

2010, Kuya Bear was Gus the Cat while Shobe Bear was Minnie Mouse.

There are back stories to why we chose those costumes which I might tackle in later posts, if I get the time (when, oh, when?)  Hope I can get to post some pics too!

E Bear Passed!

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My E Bear goes to a prominent traditional school for boys near our place.  I was very apprehensive about his performance.  His Teacher has, on several occasions, met with us to discuss his behavior in class.  His test scores were also a cause for concern.  We actually questioned our decision to let him try mainstreaming in a traditional school instead of going to a progressive school as recommended.  We were afraid that he wouldn’t fit in with the structure and won’t learn the way he should.

But he is very happy with the school.  He now has a best friend.  He also likes his teacher a lot.  So moving him to a different school is not a pleasant prospect for all of us.

Lo and behold, when his report card came, we were VERY pleasantly surprised to learn that he had passed all his subjects!  Hindi pasang awa ha!  He really passed!  His teacher also noted that his behavior improved a lot!

It turned out that he just needed some time to adjust to a different school setting.

Help for the bear in big school

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Mama Bear and Papa Bear have not been bear-y good with updating this family blog.

It’s not easy to have a little bear in big school.  Kuya Bear is now in Kinder 1.  He loves his big school, despite the fact that it’s more difficult than his former (small) school.

But of course, he now has homework.  And tests.  And seatworks.

Papa Bear and I try to help him cope with understanding how big school works.

This is a great resource I’ve found where nice worksheets can be had and printed for free: