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I always thought that less than 2 years old is too young to go to school.

E Bear went to school past 2 years old, and we enrolled him early because we felt that he needed to be with peers in order to speed up his speech development.  He didn’t go to Gymboree.  He only went to The Little Gym once, in a party.  But after looking at the rates and locations of both The Little Gym and Gymboree, we decided that the school inside our village was more practical for us.

But now, Papa Bear and Mama Bear are both holding clinic in Shangrila Mall.  There’s a Gymboree there.  We still think that the fees are on the steep side, but we came across this deal and Mama Bear just couldn’t resist.

R Bear went to Gymboree about 2 times for the gymplay.  Papa Bear had clinic and other errands, so he dropped R Bear for her to play while he goes about his duties.  Last Saturday, Mama Bear finally brought R Bear to Gymboree for the first of her 4 classes under the deal.

It wasn’t too smooth.  R Bear was very excited upon entering the place because she thought that she would be able to play again like last time.  But then we brought her to the classroom.  She wailed and wanted to get out.  But when the teacher brought out coloring sheets and crayons, she was able to sit still for a while.  Mama Bear stayed with her the whole time.

Mama Bear thinks it was pretty well done of her, considering it was her first time in a classroom setting and she’s not quite 2 yet.

Mama Bear brought her back later in the afternoon for the freeplay.  She was happier this time.

E Bear was outside the whole time, saying he wants to watch his little sister :).

Hoping there would be less crying and more learning in the next sessions!

Talking little bear

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R Bear has this little “song” when she wants to breasfeed (yes, she’s almost 2!  I wanted her to self wean but so far there’s no sign yet).

“Dede na, mmm mmm mmm”  in a singsong voice.

That has led other members of the Bear family to ask for the same things in the same manner.

So when E Bear wants me to turn on the A/C, he goes “aircon na, mmm mmm mmm”.


R bear now has the following words in her vocabulary.  This is NOT in chronological order, meaning, not in order of appearance.  And it’s from memory.  I know there are some other words that she knows, but at the moment, these are what I remember. READ MORE

Baby says bye bye

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My 16 month old Baby Bear has been saying and waving bye-bye on cue since she was 10 months old.  But today, this is the first time she did it without any cuing on our part.  Her daddy was leaving for work, so I was telling her to kiss daddy.  She turned to Daddy and said “Bye bye, da” while waving.



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Nene –what Baby Bear says when she wants to breastfeed :)

Baby Bear is now 14 months old.  She’s been walking like a pro since 13 months of age. :)

She also stopped bottle feeding.  Absolutely refuses the bottle, whether it contains breastmilk or any other milk.

Her current vocabulary:

Mommy, Daddy, Aya (for ahia/kuya), Yaya, chia chia (Chinese for eat), Nene (for dede), Nanay (for our senior maid), Ama (for my mom), eyes, eas (ears), da dat (what’s that?), was dis (what’s this?)  😀

Baby walking

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Last month, at 1 year and 1 month, my Baby Bear finally learned to walk on her own.  She did it much earlier than her Kuya, who walked at 1 year 3 months.  People say that girls generally walk and talk earlier, and I guess that’s true for my kids.

Walking is one of the major milestones.  When she walked, I really felt like I do not have a baby but a toddler now.  While it’s cause for celebration, there’s a little tinge of sadness that my little Baby is growing up…fast.

Baby Bear Standing!

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For a few seconds at a time, anyway 😀

Girl Bear just got more courageous about letting go of whatever she’s holding on to at the moment.

Moments like this, Papa Bear and I just try to savor the moment, as we know that her days of babyhood are definitely numbered.

Pretty soon, she’ll be walking on her own.  I’m excited and sad at the same time.