Another hospital trip

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My little baby Bear got admitted last week because she had another bout of benign febrile convulsion.

As doctors, we know that it’s really nothing to be worried about, but it really is different if the child involved is your own.

Oh well, she’s all better now, like nothing ever happened to send us parents into a tizzy.

I really hope this would be the last time that this would happen to her.  Believe me, it can look VERY scary, to see your little baby having an episode and wondering what you’ve done (or not done) wrong.

The Bear Family in Tagaytay

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We had a rare long break last December.  We decided to leave the city for a short break.  It was really short, like just an overnight stay in Tagaytay.  We left December 26 and came back December 27.  We figured that most people would have finished with their vacation by then, so there probably would not be too many crowds!  My husband and my brother had work on December 28, so we had to be home before then.

The problem is…a lot of Metro Manila residents probably had the same idea!  So there was a bit of traffic jam along the way, especially with the narrow country roads.  Oh well…

Anyway, since we stayed in our relative’s house, we didn’t really have too much problem with accommodation.  We were simply told to bring our own bedding — pillow cases, bedsheets and blankets. It was a nice, quiet gated subdivision with an American country home theme.

I so loved the cold weather.  It was a refreshing change from the usual heat and humidity that we almost always experience in Metro Manila. It’s not often that we often get to wear jackets (the kids look so cute in their jackets!).  It’s so cold that my little Baby Girl Bear, who always loved baths, refused to have one!

What I didn’t like so much were the long waiting times at restos.  We went to Leslie’s for dinner and had to wait for a long time to be seated.  When we went to Breakfast at Antonio’s for lunch the next day, it was pretty much the same story.  It was a good thing that both places had koi ponds which kept the kids entertained while we were waiting.  Next time, we’ll bring rice and canned goods and maybe some ulam that we can keep in the refrigerator so that we’ll just eat at home.  :)  Will save some bucks too!

We didn’t do all the usual Tagaytay stuff like horseback riding because of lack of time.  We think that we should have a longer break next time so that we can bring the kids to do all the other touristy stuff.

What the kids really really enjoyed was the playground inside the subdivision where we are staying.

Here is E Bear, enjoying himself on the monkey bars!  Hahaha!  (Actually his Papa Bear was holding him from below).

It was an ordinary playground, much like playgrounds you see in Metro Manila subdivisions and malls, BUT with the added privacy and the cool cool air, it was so much more enjoyable!  The kids ran and play without breaking a sweat the whole time.  Papa Bear and Mama Bear enjoyed watching the kids enjoy themselves!  If only for this, the trip was already worth it!

I would really really love to go back and I would really really love to have a longer break, like maybe a week.  It was a refreshing break, and we really bonded as a family, without having to think of anything else but enjoying ourselves.

Right now, Papa Bear and Mama Bear are thinking of setting aside maybe a week during summer vacation to have another break and bonding with the kids.  Keeping our fingers crossed that this wish will come true.

Microwave Mac and Cheese Recipe

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This recipe looks very interesting! Got it from this site.

I came across this while googling for possible foods that I can incorporate into E’s diet to add a little meat on his bones.

Microwave Macaroni and Cheese


1 8oz. box of elbow macaroni, cooked
and drained

1/4 cup butter

2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, grated

1 large egg

1 5oz. can evaporated milk

1 tsp. ground mustard


Prepare macaroni by directions on box and
drain well.  Use a covered casserole dish
and place butter in bottom of dish.  Pour
macaroni over butter and stir to melt butter.
In a small bowl beat egg well, add mustard
and mix.  Pour egg mixture and evaporated
milk into macaroni.  Add cheese to macaroni
and stir until evenly distributed.  Cover and
microwave on high for 12 minutes.  Stir at
about halfway through microwave time.
Ready to serve.

When E got sick…

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E:  Mammy sleep in other room.

Mama Bear:  (hurt) Why?  You don’t want to sleep with Mommy?

E:  Daddy lang.  Mommy has to take care of Shobe.

Mama Bear:  Where will Shobe sleep?

E:  In ama‘s (grandma) room, because I have fever.  Baka I might cough on Shobe.

Mama Bear:  Eh, paano if you’re well na?

E:  Shobe and Mommy sleep here with Daddy and me.


Family Day

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We all trooped to LSGH gymnasium for E’s family day. This is the first time that E will be having his family day in big school, and we were told that he’d have one every year. We were all so proud of E when he, together, with his classmates danced to the tune of “People in your neighborhood” and “Baby” by Justin Bieber :D.

Incidentally, each class had a color and a hat representing a profession. E’s class color was orange and they all wore fireman hats. I also loved the other hats — there were “future” chefs, doctors, soldiers and uhhh, sorry forgot what the other class wore (toinks!)

There were also games where Daddies and Mommies had to participate, and games when the boys would participate. Unfortunately, E’s class did not win. But hey, that’s great too! After all, they had to learn about sportsmanship too!

There was also a raffle, which we did not win. But then, with the numerous sponsors, everyone got a special prize anyway. And the loot bags (not one, but 2!) were huge!

Baby says bye bye

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My 16 month old Baby Bear has been saying and waving bye-bye on cue since she was 10 months old.  But today, this is the first time she did it without any cuing on our part.  Her daddy was leaving for work, so I was telling her to kiss daddy.  She turned to Daddy and said “Bye bye, da” while waving.


Bears in Halloween costume

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Before Papa Bear and Mama Bear became parents, we really didn’t care much for costumes.  I mean, yeah, kids look cute, that’s it.  But we do not find anything special about Trick or Treating and the like.

Of course, that all changed when the Baby Bears came along.  Suddenly, the Halloween event at our village became a much awaited event!

Let’s see…

For Trick or Treat 2006, Kuya Bear was “Kobe Brant” swallowed by a shark…

2007, he was “Bob the Builder”.

2008, he was an angel.

2009, he was a vampire and Shobe Bear was a baby angel.

2010, Kuya Bear was Gus the Cat while Shobe Bear was Minnie Mouse.

There are back stories to why we chose those costumes which I might tackle in later posts, if I get the time (when, oh, when?)  Hope I can get to post some pics too!

A new bear

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Papa Bear’s brother and sister-in-law welcomed their new bundle of joy into the world!


E Bear Passed!

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My E Bear goes to a prominent traditional school for boys near our place.  I was very apprehensive about his performance.  His Teacher has, on several occasions, met with us to discuss his behavior in class.  His test scores were also a cause for concern.  We actually questioned our decision to let him try mainstreaming in a traditional school instead of going to a progressive school as recommended.  We were afraid that he wouldn’t fit in with the structure and won’t learn the way he should.

But he is very happy with the school.  He now has a best friend.  He also likes his teacher a lot.  So moving him to a different school is not a pleasant prospect for all of us.

Lo and behold, when his report card came, we were VERY pleasantly surprised to learn that he had passed all his subjects!  Hindi pasang awa ha!  He really passed!  His teacher also noted that his behavior improved a lot!

It turned out that he just needed some time to adjust to a different school setting.

Papa and mama bear’s wedding suppliers

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It’s been almost 6 years (how time flies!) since Papa Bear and Mama Bear tied the knot, but the memory of that very special day still lingers.

Here are our suppliers.  I will blog about more details later.

Church:  National Shrine of the Divine Child (La Salle Greenhills Chapel)

Reception:  Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant

Preps Venue:  Bride’s home

Photos/Videos:  Jervy Santiago

Bridal and Entourage Gowns:  Catalina’s

Makeup:  Brenda Belgica

Wedding cake:  Alex Franco

Sound System:  Sound Syndrome

Invitations:  Craft Master

Flowers:  Angelic Blooms

OTD Coordinator:  Out of the Box

Post nup hotel:  EDSA ShangriLa

Will post contact details and some pictures later 😀