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“Daddy, hug me!”

E Bear always wants Papa Bear to hug him whenever we are getting ready for sleep.  One day…

Papa Bear:  E, why do you always want Papa to hug you when you want to sleep?

E Bear:  Para hindi ako mag-roll!  Like this oh –*proceeds to demonstrate rolling around in bed*.  (So I won’t roll around in bed!)

And I was expecting a sweet answer!

Papa Bear’s surprise birthday celebration

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For Papa Bear’s ___th birthday celebration, I decided to make the celebration a little more special.  His birthday just happened to fall on a Saturday, and he’ll be coming home from clinic quite late.  Perfect for planning a surprise party.

It was only a small celebration.  I told my in-laws to come over for dinner and reminded them that it’s supposed to be a surprise.  There are only 13 of us in the actual party, not counting the yayas and the helpers.

I ordered food from Conti’s, Jollibee and Mr. Sun Moon (my memory is not so fresh anymore since this is a late posting :P,  I’ll post more details when I remember them.)

The surprise didn’t turn out the way I hoped for.  Papa Bear came home a bit earlier than I expected.  And my brother-in-law’s Innova was parked in front, which was pretty obvious to him.  But he did say that he was surprised, nonetheless, coz he was not expecting a celebration.

Happy birthday, Papa Bear!