Papa Bear and Mama Bear were sick

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Most of the time, we’ve been talking about the baby bears getting sick.  They seemed to be getting sick quite a few times during the past few months.  But this week, it’s not about the Baby bears.  This time, it’s Papa Bear and Mama Bear who got sick.  Sick with some unnamed virus causing fever, chills, body pains and tummy pain.  The Baby Bears had to be with their Grandma Panda (Mama Bear’s mom) because Papa Bear and Mama Bear were afraid they might catch the illness.

The first night, we could hear the Girl Bear’s screaming for “mommy” in the middle of the night.  She’s used to Mama Bear being at her side every night and it was traumatic for her not to find Mama Bear.  Sigh.

But, weird as it may, this bout of illness had some positive effects:

  • It gave Papa Bear and Mama Bear a chance to bond with each other and have some alone time sans the Baby Bears.
  • It made Mama Bear realize the the Boy Bear was no longer a little boy (more on this later)
  • It forced Papa Bear and Mama Bear to rest from their daily crazy schedule.
  • It allowed Grandma Panda to bond with her grandchildren.

Well, Papa Bear and Mama Bear are certainly glad they are all better now though.  The Baby Bears are back with Papa Bear and Mama Bear, and while the bed is certainly more crowded, it felt more right.

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